Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I thought I'd do a Kofi on you!

Seeing as the delightful Mr Annan has told us to have a news blackout for the next 48 to 72 hours on what on earth is going on with our mediation and all, I thought I should oblige, but you know me, I just can't seem to keep my big gob shut so here I am anyway blathering on as usual.

What I love about Kenyans is we so can't keep a secret. We were having bets yesterday in the office of how long it would take us to find out the "secret location" of the retreat where all the mediators have retired to because it isn't possible to keep anything quiet round these parts let me tell you!

Well, I think they did well considering. We only got the news yesterday evening through a friend's friend's friend's colleague - you know how it is - that they're at a very nice little lodge in Tsavo West. I'll say no more - and if you work it out for yourselves, "I know absolutely nothing!", and you never heard it from me.

Who? Where? What are you on about?

You know how I think Mr Annan's such a doll and I shall not betray him further! But can I just say that does it really matter where they are holed up anyway as surely no-one is allowed in at all and the telephones are probably down anyway, I mean this is Kenya for goodness sake!

And another thing, they'd better sort it before they step foot back into town or I'll change my mind on that Mr Annan and I shall not be volunteering to have his babies after all!

Enough of that gossiping now, let's talk about something far more interesting. Let's talk about ME!

I have taken a few days off work, seeing as it's half term and all and I shall be flying out to a secret retreat all of my own tomorrow, not sadly with a sweetheart on my arm for Vaseline's day, but with my small boy and my camera. I will be sure to take lots and lots of fab pictures of where I am and then post them over here so that you will all be incredibly jealous and drool a lot and I will once again put your faith back into our beautiful home, insist you all book flights and I shall personally organise your itineraries forthwith!

Catch you tomorrow from my 'secret' destination.


Gorilla Bananas said...

A retreat? Now that sounds exciting. The last sentence implies you're not leaving Kenya. I hope you'll give us spectacular pictures of wildlife, savannah and your butt. We gorillas like a nice big butt.

Dad Mzungu said...


Don't do that again, regardless of what Mr Annan says. I missed the blog this morning! I had to content myself with writing some cattle manure in mine.

And you are one up on me. I only caught a press release stating that Justice Minister Martha Karua has started mouthing off already.

I am not sure if what she said or when she said it breaks the Kofi rules, but it made me laugh quietly to myself.

Truly, this is Kenya!

BTW, Gorilla Bananas asked me if I was your Dad. I suppose it is an easy mistake to make, bearing in mind our similar pen names.


Mr Bananas, fancy asking Dad Mzungu if he happened to be my father. I couldn't possibly grow a moustache that bushy!
As for pics I do hope to furnish you with a lot of savannah and wildlife but I'm afraid my butt may be a slight problem as I don't seem to have a large enough wide angled lens! But seeing as you asked so nicely I'll have to see what I can fit in!

DM - the Martha speech was made before they retreated to their retreat so think she got away with that one!

aims said...

OOh - a holiday - have fun - you deserve it girl!!

Bikini babe said...

Just as long as you have taken your raspberry with you and can keep us updated on phantom peace deals that is fine by me! Holiday away!

Anonymous said...

bikini babe a raspberry is a fruit .MC-do you have a raspberry , blackberry or what berry????

Ty^ said...

Have fun.

Primal Sneeze said...

Happy Hallmark Day 'n' stuff.


Thanks all for comments - sorry didn't reply earlier - bit of a dodgy signal, and Happy Hallmark Day 'n' Kenyan flowers day all round!