Friday, February 15, 2008

Just a quickie!

Well at least that got your attention!

Sorry to disappoint but its not a 'behind the bike shed' kind of quickie - actually if it been I would most definitely not be writing this but would be dancing round the camp, but its a quick update to say our great leaders and the once so fab (but I'm slowly going off him) Mr Annan has announced that he's achieved not a bloody lot and he'll give us the details of the 'not a lot' on Tuesday!

Oh goody goody I'm so in suspense . . . NOT

They have said they'll give us a new constitution within one year, but I for one, will not be holding my breath.

My time off in the park is much more exciting can I tell you and the animals are so much more civilised and cooperative than our politicians.

Rumour has it that Adam Wood, the British High Commissioner was around these parts last weekend and no lions ate him. Yet in Nairobi can I tell you he is being chewed right up and spat out. David the doll Miliband said the UK would not recognise Kibaki's government and Adam Wood is marvellous, which as you can imagine went down incredibly well with the cabinet and Martha Karua is spitting nails yet again!

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Ty^ said...

I'm starting to loose my mojo seriously. This 'wait and see' situation is draining my energy and I'm loosing my focus and can't plan anything just incase I have to evacuate all my family on the ground. This is very frustrating. Anyone with a remedy out there?


Ty - I agree. My cool has long since deserted me too.

Peter Ndegwa said...

We have Ms Conde (Rice) being thrown into the potpourri, not sure what her 2 cents will be. I will tend to agree with what Kalonzo had said recently, with too much international attention this will just not settle, you just cannot scratch anybody's back when you are in the spotlight.
The good thing is Kenyans, true to their nature of being business minded, are slowly begining to put this charade in the back burner. As long as the government machinery can keep the peace, these guys can continue yapping until the chickens come to roost.
OH !! hope you enjoyed your holiday...