Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Summary of Ms Rice's trip.

Well, there we have it .....

Condi came, Condi saw and Condi demanded that this whole mess be sorted yesterday.

The government said 'Nice legs, Condi, but we ain't doing anything that's not in our current constitution.', summed up here nicely in the New York Times, by the delectable Mrs Karua;-

“We will not bow down to dictation,” Martha Karua, the minister of justice and constitutional affairs, said in an interview Monday night, after sitting in on a two-hour meeting between Ms. Rice and President Mwai Kibaki “We can listen to all our friends. We can engage with them. But the decision ultimately will be ours.”

and the ODM camp said; "Lovely hair do, I'll have my wife talk to you for some tips."

Condi replied "If you sort it quickly boys, the US of A will give you lots and lots of cash!", and "Can you please play nicely."

Kibaki said; "Nice legs, but I'm not relinquishing power to anyone honey!"

Raila said; "Stuff this for a laugh, you're just a 'mama' for goodness sake, let me call Gaddafi!"

You'd think listening to all this rubbish that we hadn't got anywhere at all in the past 6 weeks .... "Oh, I see, apparently we haven't!"


Gorilla Bananas said...

Power sharing is the only solution in such a tribal place. I think it's time to threaten these politicians with sanctions. How would they feel about them and their families being banned from the US and Europe?


Mr Bananas - Loads of countries have already banned a bunch of them and their families and yet Mrs "I spit nails" Karua's answer to that was: “.. heaven is not in your country. It is right here in my country.”

She might as well of told them to stick their visas where the sun doesn't shine! - She's really very respectful like that ;)

Peter Ndegwa said...

Ruto thought; “mmm… I would like her to call me Daddy… I wonder if Bush… naaah”

I have kinda come to get some (tiny little bit) respect for the "delectable" Martha Karua (She's getting FAT). At least she shoots straight AND in the same direction all the time. cannot say that for many politicians.


Peter - It's no wonder Martha's putting on a bit of weight, she's been hanging about the Serena for the last 6 weeks drinking tea and eating biccies!!

You're very right about her shooting straight, that's for sure. I'm thinking she should get together with Mohammed Al-Fayed - have you checked out his claims about his son and the British 'establishment'!?

Dad Mzungu said...

Now, the talks resume today about power-sharing. If TweedlrK and TweedleO do come to some sort of agrgeement and everyone goes home happy (oh, another pig has just flown past the window!), Ms Rice, Dubya and the gang will take credit.
No matter that Grandpa Kofi has been quietly working with them for ... how long is it now?
Bush will claim the feather for his cap.

aims said...

Did Condi happen to say - "Or Else"? (seems to be the typical ending to any demands the US of A makes)


DM - I can assure you that if these talks finally come out with any kind of agreement, ALL the credit will most definitely be given to Kofi Annan and no-one else.

Aims - I had no idea you were at Condi's press conference and heard what she said! You should have dropped by hun. :o)

Anonymous said...

now folks am saying this...never and ever will the kikuyus know how they will come to real ruin...a mr. oduor(a luo theologian predicted all this earthquake shaking kenya and never did any of you know)let me tell u folks..the kikuyus have remained thieves for over 40yrs in kenya and as the saying goes the days of a thief are 40 days,,i tell you this is the last of you in kenya..check,all tribes are ganging agains the kikuyu greed..how will you return back to rift valley..who will protect you?..and plainly speaking how comes kibaki cannot return you pple back even with the country's forces at his disposal?..there is truely sure and real solution to this problem ..its not new at all.....it will be war ...yes it is surely war..i mean war between a thief and honest poor..but whom do u think will win this war?...ask god...the just will truimph..i wonder how comes the kikuyus could not even help their bros and sisters as they now turn to prostitution and sexual slaves to ugandans...let me be more insightful..you have believed so much in money more than god!..you have areal case..with consequent judgement ofcourse...raila has come from very far in this and let me tell you the poor have nothing to loose...its just a matter of time before the earthquake strikes better and the world is saying they cant wait again..democracy is a must and it must be done..i say this further...kibaki and his kikuyu tribe have the worst in their time of life...all those surpporting kibaki want to cry like hyenas....kenya is going the somalia way and is just majimbo..everyone will have to go back to where he came from..nairobi area is to the maasai,rift valley upto nakuru is for the kalenjins.never be cheated that a thief will ever prosper with his loot...i assure you kibaki isnt going to end his term and that is that!


Anon - I'm not against anyone expressing their opinion but I'm not much into blasting one side or the other either. I think you have tarred ALL Kikuyu's with one brush and I personally believe there are most definitely people on all sides of the fence here with dishonest dealings.