Monday, February 11, 2008

Kofi Annan statement

Kofi Annan has just issued a statement to the press in which he has invited both sides of the negotiating teams plus the mediation team to convene outside Nairobi for the next 48 to 72 hours and he is requesting that they have a complete news blackout on these discussions.

Not sure if I really understand that one myself but that's what has just been announced on the news.

Will see if we get any more clarification in the morning.

Right now I'm too tired to think about it as were told half an hour ago that parliament was going to convene tomorrow with the mediation teams to discuss which way forward so I'm not sure about you but personally I'm a little confused!

But hey what's new?!?

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Dad Mzungu said...


Confused? So am I. There is no news flash on the BBC, other than "New-born rhino named Kofi Annan.
A new-born rhinoceros in Kenya has been named Kofi Annan in honour of the former UN Secretary General."

I hope he is flattered.

I have found this on Kenya Today:
"The brief statement stated that the teams would leave Nairobi immediately after the Kamukunji."

My Swahili (I assume it is Swahili) isn't up to knowing what they are talking about!


Ty^ said...

hope its gonna be some good news cos its been one hell of a freaky roller-coaster ride.

Anonymous said...

Kofi is African so he knows what the naming means.


DM - thanks for the update. You have actually answered the confusion although you don't understand. If they are leaving straight after the kamukunji that means basically the parliament meeting will go ahead first.

Ty - with you there

Anon - hope Kofi does understand otherwise he'll have a few lonely days!