Monday, February 18, 2008

Condi's here !

"Tell Martha I can't come to her heaven,
and say Hi to Obama's Granma!"

Go Condi, Go Condi,
Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh,
Go Condi, Go Condi,
Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh,

& I shall dance,
& I shall cheer,
& I shall clap,
& I shall breathe deeply,
& I shall use swear words,
& I shall cry,
& I shall drink,
& I shall pass out,
& I shall wake tomorrow,
& say …..

Go Condi, Move along and stop causing trouble!!

(actually she hasn’t said anything yet, so I shall give her the benefit of the doubt that she will honestly achieve anything at all and shall await further press briefings!)


Dad Mzungu said...

Sounds like you have about as much faith in Ms Rice as I do.
But I will also give her (and her boss) the benefit of the doubt, until she opens her mouth and puts her foot in it.
Or maybe it will be Dubya trying to get his size 10s into his mouth - won't be the first time.
Then, Tweedlekibaki and co are saying hat bully tactics from the US won't work.
Let's see what they say when the money tap is switched off.
Can you imagine? the member so the Mount Kenya Mafia actually having to work to increase their paltry incomes?

Gorilla Bananas said...

It's nice of her to take in interest in Kenya's troubles. I'd like to see you dance to that song you've written... with some African ladies.


DM - well Condi spoke and said "we haven't come here to impose a solution, we've come to insist on one!"

Er, OK thanks for that Condi, glad you swung by!

And then she popped off again back to Tz.

Mr Bananas - I can shake my booty with the best of them honey! ;o)