Friday, February 22, 2008

Latest or not.

This just came through on our 'breaking news update' channel here.

"ANNAN: LEGAL working group still fine-tuning PM role, talks to go into the night."

We have been holding our breath all day with Annan's promises for a solution and that is all we have right now.

Think Mr Annan might still be charging the batteries on that light of his in that tunnel he spotted yesterday! Perhaps he's actually just trying his best to completely exhaust them until they give in.

We may have a case of 'Kofi Annan tries sleep torture' on our hands, but that's OK, you go fellow, whatever works, we're all for it!

MmmmMmmmm . . .

I promise to try my best to not breathe out until I am well and truly blue!

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nuttycow said...

Arg! Why's it taking so long?!

Dad Mzungu said...

Why is it taking so long? Because we are talking an old man who will lose not only his virtually absolute power, but many friends and a considerable amount of money if he cedes too much.
On the other hand, we have a slightly younger man who feels he can do a better job of robbing, er, I mean running the country, and who won't give up until he has been given the chance to prove himself right (or wrong, of course).
Personally, I would like to see all men over 50 banned from politics! Wow! That would include me. Sorry folks, won't be standing for President.
Dad mzungu

dat dude said...

lol @ DM Post, very well satirized, especially about Raila Running...oops I mean robbing better.

aren't people on the ground getting impatient/anxiuos and also frustrated by these calls for Mass protests ?

I'm abraod and trying to gauge what the mood is on the ground for the common mwananchi despite their political leanings...

young money maker said...

when will these old men come to an agreement so that I can just go on making my money....there are so many deals to do..but all this uncertainity....

and what is William RUTO doing out of jail? shouldn't he be inside Kamiti by now ?

Dad Mzungu said...

What is Ruto doing out of jail? Apparently, whipping up support from the Karamajong Guerilla Fighters, of course!
[Silly question]

aims said...

I have been checking the news we get here and then running over and checking what you have to say MC -
Need I speak of the disparity between the two? The world needs a 'honest' reporter - like you!


Nuttycow - God only knows!

DM - You'd better be a little more careful with your words when you get to Kisii Wednesday or you won't last long.

Dat Dude - Wanainchi tired of it all and here in Nairobi trying to get on but it's incredibly tense all over and rumours are rife that tribal gangs are warming up for further warfare.

Young Money Maker - Ruto is not exactly alone in all this.

Aims - 'honest' isn't want anyone wants to hear I think. I think they'd rather stick with 'Mr Annan's progress!'