Monday, February 4, 2008

We have a small light!

It seems finally there is a very small light at the end of an extremely dark tunnel.

The government have finally lifted the live media ban as, according to the 'Honorable' Saitoti, who is the Internal Security Minister, there is "increased security" in the country now!

Not sure if too many people are getting the full advantage of this "increased security" but hey whatever rocks his boat we say, at least he's lifted the ban so let's not complain here.

Another little bit of news to put a small smile on your faces.

Imanyara has come out to confirm the rumours of his run in with the 'first lady' Lucy Kibaki. He said he was pulled out of a meeting at State House with Kibaki and around 20 other ministers, including Musyoka and Saitoti apparently, and had obscenities hurled at him by an 'inappropriately' dressed Lucy who then started flinging punches until he grabbed her arms and restrained her! He was then apparently escorted from the premises by State House security!

Must say I'd love to know what the woman was wearing to be deemed 'inappropriately' dressed. Do you think she was in her silk pyjamas perhaps, or knowing her, a flattering pair of hot pants!?!

Mr Imanyara says he will sue Mrs Kibaki for assault and Mrs Kibaki (Lucy, she's such a doll), is going to countersue for character assassination!

That'll be a fab day in court if it ever gets there. I think we should start booking our seats for that session now. He He.

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Anonymous said...

he said she was barefoot and in some sort of pyjama .seems she does sleep in the presidents office

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've tried to copy and paste mama lucys photo but it ain't working.
Anyway, thats a bit of good news. Thanking you for all the updates.


Thanks all - I love Mama Lucy's picture - although I really think more hair and a lot more flesh would definietly be more realistic! :-)