Saturday, February 2, 2008

Now Showing ! (unsuitable for developed countries)

Cartoon from The Standard this morning.


Primal Sneeze said...

Is this story for real?

Or are our journos getting their wires crossed (again)?


No hon - it's really all true .....
except that they won't tell us how they've sorted it, what they've actually sorted, what they've agreed on and meanwhile Kenyans are out there killing each other and torching more and more homes by the day. The new sport is lynching policemen as they are no longer trusted and some gangs have known to have got hold of guns and ammunition so are now well and truly ready for action! So all these boys seem to have really agreed on here is that they will one day - agree.
(Let's not hold our breath, but wait for real news I think's best.)

shiro said...

another rumor again. Heard that madame lucy has been put on "close arrest",after slapping her son,Jimmy. He had apparently suggested that kibaki would have done great service to the country if he stepped down and allowed the dispute to be solved.that did not go well with madam,hence her action. is there anyone else who has heard the rumor?,which might be true,or is it just that,rumor!!


Shiro - funnily enough I heard something similar a few days ago but that Jimmy ended up with a bullet in his foot! Not sure it's not just rumour though. If I hear anything more substantial I'll let you know!

Dad Mzungu said...

That sounds like wishful thinnking - and I am wishing with all my heart ;)

I have scoured my usual news haunts but can find nothing. Is it really that quiet?

In the British Police, we always maintained that a country, or government got the police force they deserve. If the government is crooked, so are the police.

So, it would be fitting that if you can't lynch the crooked MPs, lynch the police instead. I don't hold with it, but the police deserve all they get from what I have seen.