Sunday, January 20, 2008

Absolutely shocking.

I know that this video has been posted all over the web and I wasn't sure I was going to put it on my site but I really do think that those people with their head buried in the sand about what is really going on in this country should actually watch this.

Please NOTE it is horrific and people are killed - although police spokesman Eric Kiraithe tried to tell us that this video was actually just made up by the press and was just them attempting a remake of "Rambo" - perhaps to get themselves more viewers?

Funnily enough, the dead man's brother retorted that if Mr Kiraithe would just like to explain why his brother is now in the morgue and not at home where he should be, that would be great.


jemimah said...

Hi Mzungu Chick,

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Casdok said...

Horrific indeed.

On a lighter show sounds interesting!

chota said...

You know, Kenyans are not strangers to police brutality. Lakini it usually involves public beatings and unwarranted arrests on trumped up charges. Yes cops have been known to shoot first and ask questions later, but to be a witness to this cold blooded murder shocked me. This policeman shoots this guy and then proceeded to kick him twice for good measure.

Now I hear the particular policeman has been placed on some sort of admin leave pending an investigation. My guess is he is still wearing his uniform and weilding his gun while "protecting and serving" the people of Kenya.