Thursday, January 31, 2008

Second Kenyan opposition legislator shot dead

News from Reuters AlertNet
31 Jan 2008 10:14:06 GMT

Source: Reuters

NAIROBI, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Kenyan opposition legislator David Kimutai Too was shot dead on Thursday in the Rift Valley town of Eldoret, the second member of parliament for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) killed this week, the party said.

"He has been shot dead, by a traffic policeman in Eldoret, we think. The circumstances are very unclear. This crisis is just getting deeper every day," said ODM spokesman Tony Gachoka. (Reporting by Andrew Cawthorne, Writing by Bryson Hull)


nayore said...

Hi Mzungu chick. Thanks for this news alert. You are keeping us informed. It is really sad and cant be accepted this murders must be stopped. How can we say we have agoverment thats killing its people. In my opinion Kibaki should resign. He is been anable to do anything so far. On Tuesday, Embakasi MP Mugabe Were was shot and killed outside his gate. Thousands have been desplaced, others killed. this is bull sH**t.

Dad Mzungu said...


So, another opposition MP is killed. I suppose this is one way for Kibaki to regain his majority!
But then, of course, he isn't in the country. He is lording it up with the other African leaders.
But, from what I have read, it is not all plain sailing there. But the usual bickering and bureaucracy is hindering any useful talks about anything there, too.
What do African leaders think they are elected for?
Oh yeah, big house, big car, big bank balance, and membership to an exclusive club, the AU - I almost forgot! How silly of me.
They have learned a lot from European and US leaders, but they must have skipped the bit about leadership!
Of course, the details of this latest killing are not clear. BUt why should anyone, MP or not, be killed at a police control point?
I muist admit, I am always very wary when approaching control points. I don't like AK47s even if there is a big smile behind them.
So, will this latest incident cause more rioting, or have the minority of Kenyans that think blood-letting is a solution calmed down?
God Save Kenya
Dad Mzungu

Anonymous said...

Its a love triangle murder.

zed said...

is it true a 'cop' did it? so the rumours mungiki are now in uniform is true after all.

spot on d.m. they're getting, thro' the gun, the majority they couldn't get muster at the ballot box. no way o.d.m is gonna win embakasi by election to begin with. i expect more o.d.m mps in 'cosmopolitan' seats to fall.

zed said...

just read a washington post piece saying it's a 'love triangle' murder. how so convinient. if it is, my uncle's a monkey!


Just got this from Nation Media Update;

POLICE BLAME Ainamoi MP's death on a love triangle. The suspect, a policeman, is to be charged tomorrow while his female colleague is in ICU.

not sure what to believe really - the love triangle thing seems awfully convenient in its timing does it not?!?


mahmoud said...

the love triangle theory looks quite shallow to me.they knew there was a roadblock and so the probability of the lady's ''boyfriend'' to be at the roadblock is over 50% in a town like eldoret. The MP is local and would have definitely known other routes.The lady is a police officer and so knew of the police operations at the time.We do not know the reason of the shooting but the explanation given is not convincing enough. But in the current political situation I think the police explanation was given so as to deflect attention and make people concentrate more on discussing the love scandal. I guess the cops spokesperson reads ,the news of the world tabloid .

zed said...

ati love triangle...the lady was his cousin! i'm beginning to get really angry with these guys.

aims said...

How long can this possibly go on for?

wairimu said...

are the robocops/mutant turtles still roaming about town?

Emil said...

I see on Sky news this morning that the UN guys reckons the violence is near catastrophic levels. Sky also had an insert about the most feared machete gang in one of the slums. It seems it is killed or be killed. It is no longer about the elections, but about territory, an all too familiar scenario in Africa. SAD. All this trumoil and death because some fatcat stole the election. The blood of innocents are on Kibaki's hands.

Anonymous said...

who would say that MPs do not do love triangles? They are like he-goats, by the way. In spite of the violence, i believe 99% that it has something to do with a broken zip. and this is a disease that 99% of kenya mp's suffer from. maybe even the first one died under similar circumstances...who knows....

Dad Mzungu said...

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