Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Talks with Kofi Annan

Well after turning up over one hour late the parliament and mediators all sat down to officially open the mediation talks.

Nothing unpredictable was said really. Kofi said peace had to be top of the agenda and it was urgent. Raila said basically he did not recognise any government and talks were between ODM and PNU and not the 'government'. He also said recognising the election was faulty and the government and President illegal was top of his agenda. Kibaki said - er not a lot really except peace would be nice, and that was kind of that.

Both Raila and Kibaki did stress peace was necessary to get anywhere which is a good thing, but I really am not sure the Kenyan wanainchi are listening any more.

So hey ho, off we go onto yet another day of wait and see.

Meanwhile in the slums tribes are still battling and chasing each other out of their homes.

Today at the majority of the government schools that I passed, I saw panicked parents rushing in and collecting their children at lunchtime and by evening there was only a handful left in the schools all over Nairobi.

Kenyans are worried that, according to where their children are at school and what tribe they are from depends on whether they are safe or not any more.

It is ridiculus and unbelievable that Kenyans have taken to turning against each other but these incredibly deep rooted Kenyan governance problems have risen to the surface and with such force that a few words between a few large fellows on TV is just not going to cut it anymore.

I have been told that queues at Nyayo House for passports are long as everyone is looking for a back up plan . . . . Just in case, it seems.

I worry for my staff all over Nairobi. They have no chance of a back up plan. Some have already been chased from their homes and have had to move to different areas of town depending on their tribes. Those in the wrong areas who haven't yet moved, have had warning threats to leave within 24 hours or be killed in their homes.

It is a horrific situation and we must have faith that Kenya can pull through this, but when the rest of the world is giving up on us, it is very hard to fight the tide.

Overseas banks have stopped lending money as Kenya is put on the high risk list. Travel warnings are in force from all over the world. Insurance has become an impossible risk for most. We are flushing our country down the drain and we need to block the flow and fast but I'm now at a loss for how.

A lorry driver from our sister company had his 7 children burnt alive in his own home. Now try telling him he must keep peace and he should not revenge the killings, when he no longer has anything left to live for.

God save us all!

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zed said...

'a few words between a few large fellows on TV is just not going to cut it anymore...'

lol pmsl.i know i shouldn't but i can't help it. that stt says alot. i like your updates coz they highlight stuff the mainstream press are slow to get on to, or simply choose to ignore. like the exodus/back-up plan. that's something significant. wonder how many of them will want to come back after the horrors they've witnessed. personally we've decided to yank our sisters out and the youngest one who is really traumatised by this whole thing has vowed never to come back.

as for being chased from homes, our kyuk neighbours asked my dad to move. he's spent the last 2 nights in a 'luo slum' and is too scared to go back to check if his property is still there. i hear people are t.k.k-ing military to help transport stuff to shags. the last i heard that was happening in sierra-leone!

as for the talks, let's wait for the substance. i guess (suspect) if they decide to talk about the constitution those machete wielding youth might stop their murderous rampage long enough to listen (most of them are thoroughly literate and know what needs to be fixed). if the 'large fellows on tv' continue squabbling about power and elections,then theirs will just be a side show while the nation's newest favourite carries on.

btw, silly question i got here...aren't you scared going to these trouble spots, esp. being...eh...a mzungu?

zed said...

* favourite pastime

zed said...

seems like the economic meltdown will eventually lead to a recession. so much for 'kazi iendelee'

zed said...

my sympathies to your driver. it's impossible to imagine his pain.

aims said...

This is horrific! Just that poor man in itself is terrible!

Thinking about you today - if only all the prayers in the world would make it stop -

M and M said...

I'm sitting in a class room in Wisconsin grading papers and I am crying as I weep for beautiful Kenya. Thank you for your blog and a source with which I can stay connected. Peace and serenity are my wishes for Kenya today.

M and M said...
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Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Desperately needed right now.

Zed - I may be from the tribe of 'mzungu', and right now that generally means no-one is interested in hacking me to death for being in the wrong area, but this is my country too and I will help where I can, and if that is just getting out info, then I shall try to do what I can.

Anonymous said...

Today ,they are not interested on hacking you, but tomorrow, my dear mzungu..... you are one of the colonialist . African when they start, nobody know where they will finish.
I will pray for you and for all the innocent


I can see Anon that you are one of the great minded people in this world that look at life through a small slit in the window. I hope that you get to open your eyes wide one day and realise we cannot all be labelled as 'colonialists' just because we have a white face!

Thanks however for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

great statement there...sisi wote ni wakenya