Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rally in Nairobi has been “put off”!

I have just got home from my day out in mayhem and received this message from Nation Media:

“ODM puts off Uhuru Park rally to Tuesday ‘for the sake of peace’”

- can I just say – seeing as I’ve been out and about all around Nairobi City Centre including around Uhuru Park most of the day and seen what has been really going on, the only reason that ODM has put off this rally is because they couldn’t get into Uhuru Park and it had nothing to do with the ‘sake of peace’ as there was not a lot of peace around town this morning, that’s for sure.

What I can’t bear is that they are going to try and hold this meeting again on Tuesday – arrrgggh ……….I can’t bear it – Please will someone knock these peoples heads together, get some sense out of them and stop the carnage.

I saw riot police harassing a taxi driver for absolutely no reason. Their only excuse was that he wasn’t doing a ‘U’ turn fast enough for their liking. There were others who jumped on a perfectly innocent loner that happened to be walking past a group of them and although quite decent looking, they decided they didn’t like the look of him and so started harassing him anyway.

I saw tens of ODM supporters with water bottles in their hands, (which you can be sure were full of chang’aa – which is the local brew), eyes big as footballs from smoking bhang strutting down the middle of the road in groups (and also falling off the pavement if they happened to wander into it!), and watched helplessly as a small group of about 10 of them mugged a completely innocent passer by. I wanted to stop and help him but couldn’t for threatening of stoning and burning of the car.

I saw a massive group of ODM supporters move down the road and trash everything in their wake. They looted the kiosks and what they didn’t steal, they smashed or burnt. They even tried to burn down this petrol station but were luckily moved on too quickly for them to succeed.

There were people shouting at their ODM leaders outside their headquarters in Nairobi that their people were being killed and they wanted revenge.

I saw two of the ‘Pentagon leaders’ from the ODM party on the road, (Norman Nyagah and Charity Ngilu). My driver told them their supporters were causing mayhem and heading their way and all they had to say was “We know, we know, come and join us!”

We had people throw themselves in front of the car, rocks in either hand shouting ‘We want Peace’

Their chant is “NO RAILA, NO PEACE” and I saw it written on walls of buildings they passed.

Please STOP destroying our country. If you really do want peace talk to your leaders and ask them to please talk to each other and solve this awful situation one way or another.

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