Friday, January 4, 2008

Things calm.

Nothing seemed to come of the rally rumours today which is good and Desmond Tutu reports that the two sides at least seem willing to perhaps talk so hopefully that's a start to our road back to stability here in Kenya.

What I saw today was mainly calm and quiet which was a nice change but far from normal.

Buses were running but were very empty and we saw a lot of pick ups and lorries on the road full of possesions of people obviously shifting house.

Many are displaced and the red cross is overwhelmed and appealing on all channels on the radio for help.

I do hope and pray this is the beginning of the end of this crisis and we can soon start picking up the pieces.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Better news at last. Do you think any of the murderers will be brought to justice? This should be part of the deal for a new election. There's no excuse for what they did.


You're so very right Mr Bananas, there is absolutely no excuse for any of the violence we've experienced, but sadly I do not believe that anyone will ever be brought to justice for any of it.

Pixel-Pixie said...

Thanks for all the updates, Mzungu Chick. I live in Kenya but in the bush, so have been relying on my V-Sat to follow the news - the best of which seems to be coming through on blogs like yours.

Thanks so much! Take care of yourself and stay safe -

Tanya near Mtito Andei

PS I agree that there should be prosecutions for all the crimes committed in the last few days, but I too doubt there ever will be...