Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things heat up.

Goodness peeps. Has it not been a long enough day already?

The ODM camp will just not agree with the oath business.

Kalonzo now. Our Vice President.

"We're at a crossroads and if we keep going with this debate we will never get anywhere." He says the speaker said the oath and swore allegiance to the President so everyone else should also just get on with it and then once sworn in they can change the system if they want to.

Now we're getting into a debate on who said that Kibaki could elect the Electoral Commission. And also if the Chairman of the ECK cannot now confirm who won the recent presidential elections then who were they to decide who is and who isn't the valid President of Kenya.

Think we're going nowhere fast here!
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Anonymous said...

thank you for updates- you have me glued
miro in the snow-

Anonymous said...

i am enjoying your updates. i heard the speaker might refuse to swear in the president as an MP.the president must be an MP,its a constitutional checkmate!!.lets see who cracks


Glad you glued Miro!

Anon- seems that rumour didn't work out. See my next post after this one. Not sure if this speaker is pulling through for ODM as they had hoped.