Friday, January 25, 2008

Tribal warfare ....

This report has just come to me through Reuters, and it tells of what has happened just this morning;
I can't comment really except to say that I think we are begin to live our worst nightmares, and we need to plead with all our hearts to those leaders to help stop this NOW !

Violence in Kenya's Rift Valley kills 7
Source: Reuters
NAIROBI, Jan 25 (Reuters) -

At least seven people have been killed in ethnic clashes around Nakuru town in Kenya's volatile Rift Valley, witnesses said on Friday.

In the latest unrest since a disputed Dec. 27 election, members of President Mwai Kibaki's Kikuyu ethnic group were fighting with Luos and Kalenjins perceived as supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga, residents said.
"We can no longer stand back and watch as our brothers are killed in Eldoret while the Luos and Kalenjins have fun in Nakuru," said bus conductor Dennis Kariuki, referring to past killings of Kikuyus around Eldoret town, also in the Rift Valley.
"We have vowed that for every Kikuyu killed in Eldoret, we shall kill two Kalenjins who are living in Nakuru town."
Another witness, Joel Okumu, said his house was targeted in the town on Thursday night.
"The attack was sudden and well planned as they knew which house to burn despite the darkness," he said. "
As I was escaping, I saw two bodies with deep cuts by the roadside and I am sure there are many more as the violence went on for the better part of the night."

(Reporting by Antony Gitonga; Writing by Andrew Cawthorne; Editing by Wangui Kanina)


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare. This is so so depressing, one minute we are up, the very next we are down. Still I have faith that this nightmare will end in January and we will not carry this burden into February and instead will seek peace and rconcilliation.

GOD, Can Kibaki and Raila wake up???????


Totally with you there Anon and I like the fact that you think we shall not take this nightmare through with us to February. Personally I'm struggling with being that optimistic but I would like to agree with you and so hope you are absolutely right.

singh said...

the politicians can not stop the violence directly,they have lost control.But how the politicians act towards each other influences how the mwananchi behaves. I guess the statement by kibaki to be 'duly elected'is what brought trouble. Their choice of words is extremely sensitive and they should know what to say at what time to avoid incitement


Thanks Singh. It's true, this violence has had its lid taken off by the politicians and now it is bigger than them and has just become a revenge mission all over. As you say, the best we can hope for is that Raila and Kibaki keep amicable to each other and perhaps 'engaging the brain before opening the mouth' may also help our cause a lot!

bundublog said...

This is terrible, i hope things come right soon!

Single Mother on the Verge said...

It sounds like you are going through hell there. I really hope you and yours are well. Keep safe. And think of men in tights.
Smov x


Bundu - we certainly hope so too!

SMOV - oh yes most definitely will keep dreaming of those fencing lessons!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I allowed myself to be pissed of by the Canadian's comments.Yes we are going through a tough time but we (or I) surely don't want to hear some insular, derogatory guy to rub it in shedding crocodile tears and bleeting about his 'paradise' and how he 'can't imagine living there'. anyways the comments were meant for you and they didn't strike you as in poor taste so I will keep my trap shut.

I agree with you about us needing rise above present hatred and see ourselves as a people. Actually your love for Kenya makes me proud of you and the country we now seem to have lost. I am really pessimistic about where we go from here but I remain hopeful for a miracle. All the same, even if it ends up as a smouldering ruin, Kenya will always remain my paradise. Hear that Canadian?

Emil said...

I have written a bit of Kenya on my blog and am sad to report that I concluded, if this turmoil cannot be controlled or stopped, yet another escalation of political unrest into tribal genocide. This last report is very concerning. At some point people will and must respond. Violence begets violence. Both the ODM and Kibaki surely must realise the futility in continuing on with the charade - when is it going to be too late? Where is the threshold?
It is uplifting to read Kenyan's optimistic outlook on this - I will remain optimistic with them and as long as South Africa's electrical supply challenges do not interfere to much with my blogging, I will continue to promote optimistic and positive energy for Kenya.

zed said...

my parents and 2 youngest sisters live in nakuru. been unable to reach them on phone all day, mobile and landline.neither have my bros in the states. now i hear there's a curfew! words can't tell how worried i am.

aims said...

Thinking today of you.


Anon - it's OK, everyone is entitled to their own paradise. It's just a complete nightmare that ours is falling apart around our ears just now.

Emil - you're right, all our news is very concerning at the moment and we thank you for promoting optimistic and positive energy for us right now.

Zed - OMG I am so sorry to hear that. I have no idea what is going on there besides what i have just posted in my Friday report, but if there is anyway i can try and help you get a message to your family, please let me know. I do understand that some of the worst of it has been around the area they call "Total" which is at the Eldoret, Kericho, Nakuru road junction but otherwise I really don't have any other news.

Aims - Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate them. :-)

Emil said...

Zed I hold thumbs this is just due to some loose wire connections or the like- my thoughts and prayers are with you!

Mzungu, Tx for all the inside info. Dear lord, I really hope this does not escalate further. Man, such a waste because of power and ego.