Thursday, January 3, 2008

I wish some of these rich folk would remove their heads from their arses.

I am so angry, i have tears pouring down my face, and i want to scream.

Instead i will vent my anger on this keyboard and write this down.

I am sitting in my office right now with only about 5 other people, and we are surrounded by riot police and for the past couple of hours there has been gunfire and explosions on and off.

I have about 200 staff out there - all young Kenyans (hardly anyone above the age of 30), who all live in the various slums dotted in and about Nairobi, and today, because of this unrest that we expected, i gave them all the day off.

Well can you believe i have had numerous phone calls in the last hour asking me why my staff are not working and where's their commitment.

For Christ's sake - they are scared and they are locked up in their homes praying that they will live to see tomorrow, and all our directors have to say is that they are showing a lack of commitment as other shops are open and their staff have got to work, and if our staff can't do that, they should lose their jobs.

Why is it that these people with money, have their heads in the sand just because they feel safe in their big fancy cars and their fenced and guarded houses, it is NOT the same for the common wainanchi, I wish that they would wake up and please try and understand that. I am always in trouble for defending my staff - but if i don't - who the hell else will is what i want to know.

Just because we have lost one day's revenue in our shops - surely that is a lot better option than losing any lives of our staff?!?!


reluctantmemsahib said...

So with you here. Well done.

Misssy M said...

Mzungu, reading your accounts with interest.

Meeester and I and 24 school children are/were due to travel to Kenya in June on a school trip. So the news of the election repercussions have been of interest.

Keep the news coming...


Thank you Memsahib - i'm so glad someone is with me as it really does make me so mad and I so don't think i'm being unreasonable - even though those 'I am the big boss' types seem to think so!

Missy - Am sure June will not be a problem - however saying that, these people need to talk and soon!
- Will keep you updated

Primal Sneeze said...

Now that's just a disgrace! Penny pinching bastards - let them go run the shops and see how they fair out. My guess is the directors haven't left their compounds are are only barking orders over the phone.


Thanks Primal - you so right about the directors. Suppose that's what happens when you have lots of cash - you forget the rest of the world doesn't actually revolve around you after all.