Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its all about to kick off

This picture is on the edge of Kibera slums where as you can see in the background to the right of the picture there is a crowd of ODM supporters massing. In the foreground if the police and to my far left out of shot 3 lorry loads of riot police.

There is burning going on to the far right but it is just tyres I think.

As you can see I am behind the police van! He he !

Anyway got to go now and stop messing about as have to pick my son up from school and make out I am responsible parent !

Shame really as am going to miss what happens next. Will keep you posted as I hear it from now.


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Smokey said...

It's me again - checking to be updated - nothing better than "on the ground"...ama!


Yup - "on the ground" is where it's happening I tell you - although sometimes you need to put your rally driving skills to the test when things get tricky!