Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Swearing in

Just sworn in Kibaki. Raila is next. . . . .

Well first of all he is telling Kibaki to get off the chair in the front and sit in the benches with the other MP's.

Now he's just taken the oath and missed the bit out about allegiance to the President!

But they are carrying on but lots of grumbling and foot stamping.

Now we've got the Budalangi MP saying the oath and putting in President Raila Odinga!

He's just been told off by the speaker and so has to do it again and has now left out the President bit altogether !

Ding! Ding! Round 3!

It's becoming a bit of a bun fight!

Ok he's said it how its written but on the word Rais (President to the rest of you), he nodded to Raila!

They continue with the rest. Going with oath as it is but leaving out President's name. Just going with Rais.

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Anonymous said...

balala is a sharp guy,he swore to URAIS not RAIS


Hey I missed that but I like the idea - he should have told the others who don't believe in Kibaki to do the same!

Anonymous said...

to the anon, I also noticed that Likoni MP Masood Mwahhima said in his oath 'nitakuwa mwangalifu' instead of 'nitakuwa mwaminifu'' kwa rais.