Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Headlines this morning

Embakasi MP Mugabe Were is dead. He was allegedly shot outside his gate in woodley estate.

To fill you in. This happened around midnight last night, and nothing was taken from him, suggesting that robbery was not the motive. Mugabe Were was voted in on an ODM ticket, and Woodley Estate is a middle class housing estate not far from the Kibera slums.

I understand there has already been trouble in the Embakasi area which is here on the outskirts of Nairobi, with youths fighting and burning of some houses. Some of the residents are already packing up their belongings and moving out of the area.

Police are warning everyone to avoid the Embakasi area if possible.

Just a quick update on the West of Kenya. So far this morning, although of course it is still early, things are fairly quiet and the Nairobi to Eldoret highway is currently open, meaning goods are moving through to the Uganda border. Let's hope that situation at least lasts for the rest of the day.

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Anonymous said...

This story of Were is truly suspicious.What was he doing out alone at 1am in the night with the fragile situation in Kenya?Can he spare some 30k form his huge salary to pay a bodyguard?I think these young Legislators are too naive for crying out loud ........or the money is too much they cant think....Abuna Mwamba(whatever the spelling) the MP for Bundalang'i.......Its a big lesson for you.Kindly learnt from it!!!!!It doesnt cost much to be respectful esp to the incumbents who have been thro so so much in the same parliament.Nothing can be ruled ont from thuggery,to political revenge,to Business Rivarly....and the list is endless.If you remember clearly Were was linked to the Petrol bombs that were intercepted somewhere some weeks ago.I dont think he is completely blameless for the skirmishes.All in all i think the government is doing very little to control the situation.I thought that the Government had a machinery that should be able to deal with this.What the hell is the Army doing in the barracks?They should send enough security detail to the affected areas.What do they mean that they are overwhelmed?For Maina Kiai i think that guy is confused and completely out of issues and ideas.Human rights issues only crop up when the police retariate to safeguard the lives and property of innocent Kenyans,but when the goons and holigans burn innocent children and women in a church,there is no cause for alarm for human Rights violation?Is the Human rights Commission a watchdog against the police or a watchdog of all human(Kenyans) rights?How come he does not talk about the same when the rioters lynch a police officer.I think his Firing is long overdue............
I MISS MOI.Despite all his failure,he was somehow able to hold the country together......The next time am casting my vote that will be what am looking out for.Where is MWAI KIBAKI???????WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Anon for your comments.
I keep hearing Moi's name. It seems a lot of Kenyans would be happy to be back in his regime as, like you said, at least he held it together and, although not very democratic, at least we knew where we stood and what was accepted and what not. (mind you I would certainly NOT be writing this blog if Moi was still the man in charge - that IS for sure! :0)