Monday, January 7, 2008

Kenyans helping Kenyans

The Red Cross together with some large companies and media houses have put together these collection points outside most major supermarkets and this is just a picture of what has been donated at just one collection point in one day.

The majority of Kenyans really do want to help their neighbours and all this violence that is destroying the country for all of us is just being carried out by a small minority of thugs.

We hope that the majority will finally win!

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Primal Sneeze said...

People power.



POTASH said...

Hey I was in a meeting the other night for concerned Kenyan writers and someone came up with a list of 24 incidencies where Kenyans had come together, spontaneously to respond to their crisis. He was contrasting it to previous crises where the government has had to beg for a humanitarian mission.

I do not know but maybe someone was going to set up a blog with a listing of sightings or something. Maybe the guys at kwani, who are running some of the opinion pieces from the writers collective will run it on their blog


Thanks Potash for that. I'll have a look over at the Kwani blog and see what's going on.