Thursday, January 24, 2008

You can breathe out now . . . Sort of!

After this morning and reports from both camps that they were off to The Hague to report each other for something or other, the day got Oh so much better.

Raila and Kibaki have finally met and have both said they will keep on talking however long it takes until this thing is sorted. (That seems to be all they are letting on - no real grit to report.)

I understand they have now returned to their respective camps of croneys' to discuss what was discussed so we could get a bit of a press conference later perhaps.

But that's got to be progress. At least they didn't just drink tea and pass the time - er, well I hope not anyway!

And Raila and Kibaki even shook hands at the end - now how exciting is that people!

Woo Hoo!

And just when you thought it couldn't possibly get more exciting - some fellow from KTN News has just done a 'live report' from the middle of town, in the dark admittedly, (and he actually didin't really have anything of interest to say), but just to prove a point I'm sure, that he really, really, is REPORTING LIVE !

I think we can honestly say Kenya has just turned a corner. Let's all hope now the road they turned onto doesn't lead to the place where the bridge is burnt down!

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nuttycow said...

Glad things seem to be sort of going in the right direction. Reports over in the UK and few and far between but even the BBC covered this meeting!


Glad the Beeb's keeping up. That's very good news. I wouldn't like to think the rest of the world seeing as a lost cause. Sky seems to have ditched us since we got a little too violent for daytime viewing but hopefully they may even return if we get some progress with Mr Annan holding court!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Good to hear, Miss Chick. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your African homeland.

zed said...

thanks for the update. is it true that guyz were camped outside harambee hse waiting for them to say something and they cheered when those two shook hands? i just hope raila and kibaki (and their respective cliques) really do have a heart and they got the message. we just don't want to see our country go down the drain. anyways i will remain cautiously optimistic until i get to hear what exactly they are talking about.

yeah the beeb have been great. they had githongo on hardtalk last night. but you've beat them to exclusives several times. maybe you'll be justified if you started demanding license fee as well! just an idea regarding funding.

seriously tho', i think the world press have done great in highliting what's happening back home. i am actually surprised that despite the petulance and stupidity of our politicians they have not given up on us. just this afternoon after i read your piece about those 2 meeting, i googled 'kenya news' and under that topic there were more than 1000 returns including pieces from n.y times, washington post,guardian et al. tbh i've found the sentiment in the west, that kenya doesn't deserve to go to the dogs really encouraging while all this has been going on. i cling to the hope that those politicians' conscience (if they indeed have one) will stop them pushing us over the precipice with the whole world watching. in that sense i think we're are really lucky.


Thanks Mr Bananas for your kind thoughts for our homeland. It is most definitely worth saving.

Zed - yes, it's true crowd outside meeting cheered when the two shook hands.
Glad to hear international media hasn't given up on us and is keeping up with the programme!