Sunday, January 27, 2008

The trouble is heading our way it seems.

I understand from the latest news brief I have just heard that there is now some trouble in Naivasha town.

Property has been torched. Gangs have blocked the main highway from Nairobi to Western Kenya and the police are engaged in running battles with them and are firing live rounds in the air in order to try and disperse them and get the road cleared.

Naivasha is less than an hours drive north of us here in Nairobi and is where most of the large export flower farms are situated and, like Nakuru, has not really seen too much post election violence until now.

I'l update as and when I hear more.

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Ajabu said...

Thank you for your information. One of the more informative blogs on the web I've found.

You are indeed correct. There is indeed "some trouble" in Naivasha. We've heard gunfire most of the day, especially in the morning. 100s of people have fled their homes and are now spending the night in the police station and prison. I've seen some police, prison officials, and military personnel in town this evening.

Some of my employees have seen burning bodies on the streets. There was also a house in our area which was set on fire despite 20 people sheltering inside, apparently all were killed.

Repeatedly witnesses said things looked as though the police had no control over the situation.

This evening, just before some heavy rains set it, there were still 100s of people milling about the police station, some with just the clothes on their back, others with suitcases with just a few belongings, with bewildered children in toe.

The peace has been shattered.


Karibu Ajabu, nice to see you here.
I saw some of the footage from Naivasha on the news last night - absolutely horrific. I understand things are incredibly tense there again today. Hope the situation improves for you. Stay safe.