Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Protests continue . . .

This whole thing is going on like a game of kiss chase except there's not much kissing going on!

The protestors run one way and the police spend their time trying to block them off.

Now it seems the police are losing control and therefore have totally shut down the central business district here in Nairobi and are chasing everyone out as quickly as they can. Innocent or not!

All public transport has been locked out of town so everyone is walking.

If you work on one side of town and live on the other, chances are it will take you hours to get home as you have to walk to the edge of town, find transport that is going about 10kms out of your way in the opposite direction and then find other transport heading back in down the parallel road back towards town. Its ridiculus.

Being an ordinary Kenyan citizen and trying to go about your business as usual has become impossible once more.

Please can someone get Mr Annan some 'Day Nurse' or 'Night Nurse' or whatever its called, and get him on a plane!

I've just heard they want to continue with these cat and mouse games with police and protesters every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until further notice.

I do hope someone is going to tell me just now they are only kidding and Kibaki's going to talk to Raila this evening and sort this out without this continuous chaos and loss of life as just heard of at least 2 killed in Kisumu so far and they are still protesting all over Kenya so am sure this number will increase before the day is out!

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Ruth said...

Thank you for your frequent posts and photos. I used to live in Nairobi and now I'm following this from the other side of the world. I can't believe all this is happening in Kenya. Stay safe.


Thanks for the feedback Ruth. I do agree it is very hard to believe that this is our Kenya today.