Monday, January 14, 2008

Do you think we started a trend?

We've had this over the weekend ......

Rally against Georgia poll result

Protesters say the vote was rigged in Mr Saakashvili's favour
Thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets in Georgia in protest at what they say were rigged presidential elections last weekend.

This one is just warming up .....

Pakistan sets new election date

Elections originally scheduled for 8 January in Pakistan will now take place on 18 February, polling officials say.

The main opposition parties say they will take part, despite having demanded the election not be delayed. They have accused officials of seeking to rig it.

and now we even have the 'Persil' USofA in on the act ......
- mind you - considering that Senator Obama had a Luo father (same tribe as Raila), I do suppose this one would make sense!

Hillary Clinton faces recount over rival's 'vote rig' claims

Hillary Clinton is facing an embarrassing recount after her win in the New Hampshire primary - because a rival claims there were "serious and credible" concerns about the poll.
Mrs Clinton revived her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination last Tuesday with her win over Barack Obama - despite trailing him in a dozen polls.
"Serious and credible reports, allegations and rumour have surfaced. It is imperative these questions are addressed."

An election official said the results merely revealed that Mr Obama was strongest in rural areas - where most votes were hand-counted - and Mrs Clinton strongest in the cities, where machines were principally used.
Looks like Kofi Annan might be in for a busy year ahead!
- "But please Mr. Annan, if you don't mind, come save us first!"
- ".. and by the way, if I can pick you up at the airport, it's not a problem, I'm pretty much free tomorrow, and I do realise all our big wigs will be busy in Parliament all day."
- playing musical chairs and having a punch-up I should imagine, but busy all the same!

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