Sunday, January 6, 2008

We are one tribe …. KENYAN

I haven’t been to town today but I understand it has been pretty quiet wherever I have spoken to people.

I did notice more people than usual coming out of church as I passed. I’m not much of one for god bothering myself and am pretty poor in the ‘keeping up my faith’ ranks but at times like this, I do believe a spot of god bothering is never a bad thing at all.

I saw a friend’s driver today who is from the Kalenjin tribe (The Kalenjin are Daniel Arap Moi’s tribe – the second President of Kenya who spent the majority of his rule under a one party state but went onto introduce mulitparty democracy in Kenya). He wished me a ‘Happy New Year’ and then asked me if I voted wisely. I replied that personally I felt I had voted wisely as I didn’t vote at all which in retrospect was the wisest way to vote. His reply was “Actually, you’re right” – and he was a feverent Raila supporter and before the elections told me how marvellous Raila was and how he was going to help the common wanainchi such as himself to get a better life and how we should all most definitely vote for change.

I should have exercised my right to vote really but, first of all, it isn’t that easy for a single mzungu woman to get herself to the polling station without being harassed as I’d have stood right out like a sore thumb, and secondly, if I had, my vote would have probably gone to Kalonzo Musyoka who had no chance of winning from the outset anyway.

I found a great commentary in ‘The Nairobi Star’, one of our local dailies, written by some fellow called ‘Mwangi G’, and in my opinion, he talks a lot of sense.

He talks of his childhood and how he and his mates used to have a pissing contest to see who could urinate the furthest and how pointless the whole competition was, but the current situation between our very own Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki reminds him of such a contest but with tragically disastrous results.

He pleads with them as leaders: “Gentlemen, please stop this madness before it takes on a life of its own and you no longer have the power to control it.”
……… He has put into words my greatest fears, the fear that this could perhaps spiral out of control to total tribal meltdown.

He also asks; “When did we start having right and wrong tribes in Kenya? It seems I must have missed that memo.”

He finishes off with “.. let us all get out of this tribal nonsense and talk to each other as Kenyans”.

I so relate to his comments, and what it shows is one of the few positive things to come out of this mess, which is many, many Kenyans standing up and saying; “This country is bigger than any one of us.”

We are one tribe ……. KENYAN !


Anonymous said...

make sure that you vote next time! maybe your missing vote would have been the one to solve the current crisis. no one cares if you are mzungu,sinnle or fact the people would treat you better ..they wouldnt mind if you jump the que.
I got a kenyan mzungu friend who goes to big hotels,eats and takes expensive drinks and leaves without paying,no one complains!!! its all about taking advantage of the situation you are born in!! next time dont fear


You are right Anon that i should have voted and by not doing so I was not a good example for Kenyan democracy and for that I am sorry - but please know I have no wish to queue jump or go to any big hotels and eat and get drinks for free just because I am a mzungu.
I believe we should all be treated equally and I do not agree that people should take advantage of the colour of their skin or their tribe.