Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is the demonstration that is going on at the edge of Kibera slums right now as we speak - or should that be - as I write. They are chanting Kibaki must go and No Raila No Peace.

There is a stand off with the police who keep throwing tear gas and the ones that don't explode are being thrown back.

There are some press down there with them who've just been hit with tear gas but the protesters are looking after them and helping them with water!

You see they're quite decent people underneath the bravado and just want to be heard.

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Anonymous said...

after seeing the video aired on BBC yesterday- its now extremely obvious about the police's role in all this. I hope with this international exposure the powers that be may reconsider their positions. enough already...

Civil disobedience should not end in deaths.
miro in the snow


You're so right there Miro.
Protesters are not the ones starting the violence going down here, that's for sure.