Thursday, January 3, 2008

Current situation in Nairobi

I am driving through Nairobi city centre and this is what I caught on my blackberry.

This is all very close to the Uhuru Park where the rally is due to be held right now.

The riot police are everywhere and the military.

These guys sitting in the road are the protesters. The group on the side all are carrying bricks.

I can hear shooting from behind us.

Gotta go - will update in a bit when I know more.

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Anonymous said...


I found your blog while searching for info on Blackberry service in Nairobi and Tanzania. You have a very interesting space here and I'm pleased to have found it.

I'm an African American woman born and still living in the United States. I've been to Kenya a couple of times and loved it. Had hoped to return this year, in fact. I am absolutely devastated at what's been going on this past week...just sick with concern for such a beautiful country and such beautiful people.

I have a dear friend who just left Nairobi to go live temporarily in Tanzania and, unfortunately, I haven't been able to communicate with her since last Saturday. As you can imagine, I'm a little worried that she may have gone home to vote (or to check on family) and is caught in the ruckus. I've left phone messages, emails and SMS messages everywhere, but cannot find her. I continue to pray.

Do you feel in any danger being there right now? I sense that you were raised there, is that true? If so, I can imagine how it must feel to see your homeland in such an uproar. I live in California and we've experienced 2 major upheavals here. The first was before I was born, but the last was truly frightening. I wasn't in the thick of it, but watching the city I grew up in burn to the ground was mind boggling. I empathize with all of you in Kenya!

What do you make of what's going on there? Giant question, I know, but I'm interested in differing viewpoints. Have been reading a few other Kenyan opinions and all agree that the violence needs to stop, but few agree on the root of the violence or what should happen next. In your estimation, how should this all end?

On a lighter note, I'm also impressed to read in your profile that you are a single mother living in Kenya. My husband doesn't let me out of his sight when we're there (he's so American-paranoid, lol), so when I tell him that a Brit descended Kenyan lives there with three children alone, he should have no argument about letting me out on my own, lol.

Anyway, back to what I was scouring the web for... I'm on Blackberry too (have the 8830 World Edition) and have just found out that BB service is offered in Kenya. How do you like your service? Do also you know where I can find information online about the data plans offered there? I'm really curious about what they're plans are running price-wise and I checked Celtel's website, but couldn't get any rate info.

Sorry to bombard you with so many questions in one comment, but...well...I have so many questions. LOL

Thanks and nice to meet you.