Saturday, January 5, 2008

Relative calm prevails

Today when I went into town, it was definitely busier than yesterday. There are a lot more shops open today and a lot more people and buses about in the centre of town.

The riot police are still in evidence on most street corners and all around Uhuru Park, although they were mainly sitting down reading the newspapers although fully dressed in their 'Ninja turtle' gear. The poor fellows must be absolutely baking like beans as its about 30 degrees Celcius out there.

Reuters has just announced that President Kibaki has offered to form a power sharing government with the other side, but first words from them (the ODM party), were 'Kibaki is an illegal President!'.

So as I predicted yesterday, we're not going forward fast but at least we seem to be going somewhere so that's a good thing.

Word on the street with the Luo community (which is Raila's tribe), is that they will protest in force again on Tuesday if nothing is agreed on by then. According to Raila's 'pentagon' though they will protest every day until further notice, but if it turns out anything like yesterday's little demo, we really don't have much to worry about for now.

So we seem to have a few days grace, if nothing else, in order to be able to feed those displaced who are camping out in the showground here in Nairobi next door to our polo club, and also in schools and churches throughout the country.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Is there a proposal to get a neutral body to look into the allegations of rigging? I don't see the opposition accepting anything less than that.


Right now Mr Bananas we just desperately need the two sides to speak directly to each other without conditions and then lets see where we go from there.