Saturday, January 19, 2008

S * * T !!

I have just got this message through Nation Media ;

POLICE RESPOND to SOS call from Kipkelion monastery besieged by armed youth. The monastery is housing more than 600 displaced people.

(Kipkelion is a place about 200+ kms north of Nairobi, just to the East of Kericho)

Have switched on Swahili news and they say about 400 people came and surrounded the place and set fire to it. According to this news cast 5 are reported dead so far.

Haven't finished writing this blog update and now have this text sent to me;

ODM SAYS mass action to continue countrywide from next week, announces prayer days and launch of economic boycotts. 7 HOUSES burnt in Eldoret.

According to the news these protests will be on Thursday and also Raila has just said that he thinks Kibaki is not serious about mediation as he has appointed a group of 10 from the PNU camp headed up by VP Kalonzo Musyoka who Raila describes as 'Judas' and will not deal with him!

Sounds like we're in for yet another amazingly unproductive week! Excuse me whilst I go and weep.

I can't believe these people are seriously willing to flush this country down the toilet, but please tell me where the light is at the end of this incredibly dark tunnel because I am losing sight of it.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

This is very depressing. The key questions for me are:

(1) Have the politicians told their supporter in clear language to refrain from all acts of violence?

(2) Would their supporters listen anyway after so much blood has been spilled?

God go with you, Ms Chick. I hope that sanity will soon prevail.

Ruth said...

Wow. It really is hard to believe that the leaders are just letting the violence go on and on and STILL have not even talked to each other. I'm so sorry to hear this latest news. Please keep blogging. Weeping with you. :-(

zed said...

this is soooo sad and disturbing.

gorilla bananas- i don't think supporters are prepared to listen to their leaders anymore, esp after what transpired in the just ended week. i heard some really disturbing stuff today and i think if somebody doesn't show some leadership this thing will quickly turn into a hydra-headed monster and take life of its own.

at risk of sounding partisan, i just don't think signals pnu have been sending are helping the situation in any way- surely, is power and the material things that comes with it worth all the human suffering or sacrificing the whole country? i have said that insensitivity within those ranks scare me coz it's what will feed the acts like what mzu chick has just posted above

that said odm is acting like some headless chicken with its equivocation and 'to-ing and fro-ing' regarding its postions. what exactly do they stand for? it is frustrating coz it seems that all this suffering and destruction is for a worthless cause- seeing that corporate bullies have persuaded them to back away from economic boycott ( white chick- i read in the ft that a hedge fund associated with george soros has a stake in equity bank). just shows the very same neo-liberal order will be maintained whether it's kibaki or raila at the top. so why exactly are the poor people being killed in the streets and turned against each other?

arrgh. sorry to turn your blog into a rant page. we're surely weeping with you. it is hard to be hopeful but let's hope for a miracle. i pray kenya will not be needlessly torn apart

dmitry said...

i think the odm is losing control of its supporters,who in turn have become disillusioned.they feel that their leaders are not acting fast enough and are not giving enough pressure to kibaki.its at a point where the odm leadership has little that it can do and the only solution would be when they see kibaki treat their leader properly. the biggest problem is that we have a ready solution to the crises but the persons with the solution do not want to help out for the fear of looking weak.


Mr Bananas - I think I agree with Zed in the fact that I'm not sure who's listening anymore. It has got too out of hand and tribalism in the West of Kenya especially, is winning at the moment.

Ruth - thanks so much for your kind words. I have been lurking over at yours and your poems and prayers for us are absolutely fab. I do hope someone somewhere is listening.

Zed - No worries, you rant away.
It is good to hear other views besides mine.

Dmitry - I do agree in the fact that both Kibaki and Raila should both show some respect. They do not need to like each other, but they both have to learn to tolerate their differences and co-exist.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it that Lucy slapped MP Gitobu Imanyara infront of mr kibaki.Imanyara retaliated but was beaten up by the presidents bouncers and is now admitted in hospital with a dislocation. can anyone confirm that?


Hi Anon, haven't heard anything on this line as yet but can't say anyone would be incredibly surprised if it was true surely! Will try and find out and let you know whether its one of our speciality rumours or there's actually some truth it, and let you know.

PS.Thanks for making me chuckle imagaining the scene!


Hi Anon, Just heard that same rumour again this morning that apparantly Lucy slapped Imanyara and he slapped her back and then got himself beaten up by the bodyguards, so you never know - perhaps it is true after all!