Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kofi pulls a sickie ....

Very disappointed to hear Kofi Annan has pulled a sickie on us. He has a severe case of the 'man-flu' obviously. You see if it was 'woman-flu' he'd get a box of tissues in his manly hand bag, take a couple of Panadol and get on with it, but it seems when you get 'Man-flu' rather than 'Woman-flu' - you must stay in bed wrapped up warm and get gorgeous girls to wait on you hand and foot, or you will absolutely never survive the dreaded disease.

I'm sorry Mr Annan but really a little more stamina is probably in order here! I know the big bad rioting boys are scary and everything, but you know the whole point of coming was to get us some peace going on.

Anyway you'll all be very pleased to know that currently it is absolutely bucketing down with rain, (we Kenyans don't really do rain as it does nothing for the weave you know, and even the men can't cope with the wet hair thing as you can tell from the guy with the hanky on his head above!) so things are extremely quiet as everyone stays indoors!

Also please note that we were all up until about 2am glued to Parliament, so god alone knows what time those MPs got home, but you can be sure those boys will be having a serious lie in!

(By the way, just a quick update I learnt re: the swearing in last night. The reason Raila didn't swear allegiance to any President in his oath is because he read the same oath as the President!)

Currently town is dead quiet for a weekday. Half the shops are not open and there is very little traffic.

Anyway I do believe that if the rain keeps up, the protesters won't but if the sun shines anytime round midday the riot police could be in for a busy afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates - much appreciated. Funny but true comment regarding Kenyans and the rain.


You're welcome Anon. Glad you're enjoying the updates

Anonymous said...

loved the man-flu, man-bag, man sized kleenex thing going on here. wish old Kofi would hurry up and get better. as you mention in a later post, somebody give the poor bloke a bottle of night nurse. day nurse. any old nurse frankly, just get him out here. wonder how often he pulled similar sickie at the UN? thank you for continued updates x


Welcome Mem - glad your trip to school and back uneventful on roads.
Am thinking of sending Kofi some 'Cold Cap' by DHL! (or perhaps gorgeous nurse in a box - perhaps that would get him out of his bed quicker!)