Thursday, January 3, 2008

The awful rumours keep coming

I have just had one of my staff from Mombasa call me with dreadful news.

He tells me the Nyali bridge is blocked. Police are controlling going into the town centre but it is the gangs of ODM supporters that are controlling the coming out of town into the Nyali, Bombolulu side.

They are asking everyone for their identity cards and are telling all the people that if you have a Kikuyu name you will die.

There have been scores killed there already he says. Actually he is a Kikuyu himself but has got hold of a forged ID and being a Muslim, he is wearing his Kanzu at all times and is therefore, so far, being left alone.

One of our girls lives in the Likoni area which is just across the ferry from Mombasa on the way to Diani beach where there has been a lot of tribal violence in the past. Anyway her family had a text message last night that told them they had 24 hours to get out of the area or they would be massacred. She has now come to Nairobi and is safe and I understand that now the Mungiki (who are well known Kikuyu gangsters), have moved into that area and are now standing by for a war.

By the sounds of it Mombasa is most definitely a no go area today most especially if you are in the wrong tribe in the wrong part of town!

It sounds absolutely terrible. It just has to stop as soon as possible. The longer this goes on the harder it is going to be to rebuild those tribal bridges.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

You were so right to give your workers the day off. I hope your white skin will offer you some protection, but don't take any chances. Take care, dear.

jen said...

here via reluctant memsahib. will be staying. it feels helpless, all of this. words seem trite - but be well.

Paco León said...

Dear Mensahib Kidogo!

So concern about what's going on in Kenya, and just praying for this nonsense will end soon.

Warm regards and best wishes from Spain!


Anonymous said...

and now they talk about a rally today, friday? as a taxi driver in Nbo said to me on the phone, ''these big black clouds just keep hanging over us'', won't somebody help to blow them away? I'd hoped Archbishop Tutu might have some luck but looks like Kibaki won't talk to him. You're right, unless it's stops, tribal bridges cannot be rebuilt; Sri Lanka has suffered on accout of similar divisions and a similar catalyst for 27 years. stay safe.

Sara said...

Hi. Great to find someone else who is posting updates from around the country.

I am at

I will post your link. Feel free to post mine.



Mr Bananas - thanks hon, we are trying our best on the taking care front.

Jen - so right about helpless feeling. Wish i could do more.

Paco - Thanks for the prayers, we certainly need them.

Memsahib - Thanks and will keep you updated as much as i can on whats happening as i see it.

Sara - Hi there, will look you up.

Anonymous said...

I have my soon-to-be wife living in Ukunda. I am frightened by the tone of this post's description of that area. Can ANYONE tell me what on earth is going on in Ukunda?

God bless you all.


Tyson you must forgive me. The area I was talking of is actually Likoni and is about 20km before Ukunda. I will change that mistake immediately. I have heard of nothing at all from Ukunda but I'm sure if there had been any violence there it would have been reported in the international news as Ukunda is where all the tourist hotels are situated. It must be awful not to have news from there but please try not to worry as, like I said, I have not heard of anything going on in the Ukunda area and it seems to just be confined to Mombasa town and the areas directly around the city.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that clarification. Needless to say I have been immensely worried for her safety, and that post worried me a lot!

As far as what she has seen in that area, she told me that buildings have burned, and there has been a lot of gunfire (this was told to me about 4 days ago now, Jan 1st or 2nd), but that things had calmed down a lot, and was safe to walk about outside again.

Thanks for the info, and please, BE SAFE!

Mzungu Bloke (Tyson)